The George Shinn Foundation is committed to serving a variety of needs throughout the world.

From rebuilding a flooded New Orleans or supporting ministerial students at a Bible college in North Carolina to providing a school, a worship facility, and a medical clinic to earthquake-devastated Haiti, The George Shinn Foundation has donated millions of dollars of aid and resources to thousands of people.

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Tomorrow, August 31, George Shinn, former NBA Hornets team owner, will travel to the Baton Rouge Area and get to see first hand the devastation that has happened there. He plans to donate $100,000 to some of the churches affected by the flood. As most of you know, a little over two weeks ago, Baton Rouge, Louisiana suffered a horrible flood which took close to 150,000 homes and also some great church buildings. In the past, George Shinn has been involved in helping with meals and donations after hurricanes had caused similar devastation.
"I don't know about you, when I'm down and out and need some guidance and uplifting, God has blessed me with some great Pastors and brothers and sisters I call my church family. I feel that I need to have a part in seeing these churches rebuild so they can get back to reaching people, helping people, and just continue doing what God has called them to do. Louisiana will always hold a special place in my heart since my team, the NBA Hornets, was in New Orleans for several years."
Please pray for these churches as they start over from scratch to rebuild their places of refuge and hope. Thank you and God Bless!
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Can I tell you about the sweet lady who cuts my hair? She only knows my first name. I watch her treat all of her clients with such respect and kindness, including myself. She's always full of smiles and always seems to be so happy. I recently learned she is battling breast cancer. Breaks my heart, being a cancer survivor myself, I know the struggles involved. Do you think her attitude has changed? From what I can see, not one bit. The last three times going in to get my hair cut, since I learned about her cancer, she's exactly who she always was-maybe stronger, and more positive, if that's possible. What an encouragement she is to me. I heard about a fundraiser for her through the business she works for, and knew I had to give towards it. She didn't come to me was something I knew I wanted to do along with prayer for healing. It wasn't a $100,000 gift like I would do for a large Christian organization, yet it blessed my own heart to give it and watch how it was a blessing to her.

I have also been burdened for the people in Baton Rouge who have to start their homes and churches all over again from nothing. I'm planning to help some of those churches as well. (Stay tuned for an update regarding this) Please pray for that city! God bless them. Don't ever "not give" because you don't think your gift will make a difference. Do what you can with what you have and HE will bless it and multiply it. Hope you all have a wonderful week, take care!
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It's a brand new day, a brand new week. I'm looking forward to sharing with you all some exciting projects I am working on. My outlook is positive and my faith is BIG, cannot wait to explain. Hope you all have a Happy Sunday and a wonderful week! -George Shinn ... See MoreSee Less

George’s story is the classic “rags to riches” tale. What his boyhood home lacked in resources, it was abundant in prayer, inspiration, and encouragement. Today, George Shinn excels at business, sales, leadership, and philanthropy. An entrepreneur at heart, George is the former owner of the Hornets NBA team and is a prostate cancer survivor. His Foundation reaches out to support those in need, helps educate on prostate cancer early detection and is involved in a myriad of initiatives fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit.