The George Shinn Foundation is committed to serving a variety of needs throughout the world.

From rebuilding a flooded New Orleans or supporting ministerial students at a Bible college in North Carolina to providing a school, a worship facility, and a medical clinic to earthquake-devastated Haiti, The George Shinn Foundation has donated millions of dollars of aid and resources to thousands of people.

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The 3rd annual Nashville Senior Christmas ShinnDig was great! We keep getting feedback that it gets better each year and that is the goal. Here's some photos, we still have more coming. Thank you to all who attended, we hope it was a blessing to you, and already looking forward to next year! ... See MoreSee Less

The book of 2016 has been a very different 12 chapters, 365 pages. I don't know about you all, but I've never been more anxious to begin the next year! Thankfully, on day 365, I can look back and be thankful at the lessons taught to me and also grateful for the Author-GOD, as maybe I would have written this book differently, but HE continues to guide without giving up on me. As I look back, I'm amazed at the situations that GOD has used to draw me closer to HIM, and it all makes me realize just how much I need to stay closer and keep trusting my LORD. This proud Dad to three wonderful children has a heart that's full because 2016 has drawn us closer to each other. They've all had their separate trials as well as I have. I'm so proud of each of them for handling them with amazing courage and strength. The support they have shown me during my difficult time this year means more than they will ever know.

Just as books seem to have some key chapters, this year has had three events or circumstances that made such a huge impact on me and my future. Early in the year I went through a divorce. Ugly word, I know, but even in that situation I discovered strength and wisdom that I didn't know existed prior to this time. GOD has really shown Himself true to me and allowed me not to have a single drop of bitterness to remain in my heart.

The second thing that stands out in this year, as I mentioned is the bond that my children and I have made stronger, and looking for that to continue in 2017. Chris, Susan, and Chad-I love you all so much and anticipate our relationships to get better each and every day. Thank you for the joy you have brought into my life.

Thirdly, as many of you know, my brother passed away a few weeks ago. Sadness for the loss of a great man was quickly turned into a time of him teaching me about love, even after his passing. I know I've posted about it a couple times already, but I guess I really want to carry on his message and legacy as much as possible. The love that radiates through that family needs to be seen more often around the world. Life is too short-we need to be as loving, thoughtful, caring, considerate as we possibly can be. Don't assume our loved ones know that we love them-SHOW it and TELL them.

As we close this book of 2016, keep it close by, remember it's lessons-we may need to refer back to it occasionally to help us understand the new book of 2017. GOD isn't finished with any of us yet. HE'S got a bright future and a plan for each of us this year and I CANNOT WAIT! Thank you to all of my dear friends who have been such a help to me and got me through some challenges this year. GOD is good, ALL the time! Romans 8:28

Sharing some pictures here, looking over them makes me realize how very blessed I am. I especially enjoy seeing how GOD has used The George Shinn Foundation to reach out, help others, and give back to GOD! I'm looking forward to doing even more in 2017, teaming up with great Christian organizations to make a difference. GOD Bless!
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George’s story is the classic “rags to riches” tale. What his boyhood home lacked in resources, it was abundant in prayer, inspiration, and encouragement. Today, George Shinn excels at business, sales, leadership, and philanthropy. An entrepreneur at heart, George is the former owner of the Hornets NBA team and is a prostate cancer survivor. His Foundation reaches out to support those in need, helps educate on prostate cancer early detection and is involved in a myriad of initiatives fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit.